Get the Facts

  • Current enrolment is at 90%
  • Highest AVERAGE enrolment of city schools for the past five years
  • Lowest decline in enrolment in the past decade
  • Fewest bused students in the city
  • Lowest operating costs/lowest projected capital costs
  • Full and dynamic curriculum
  • PCVS has as many sports teams as any other high school in the city
  • Excellent supply of co-op opportunities within a five minute walk
  • Integrated Arts most popular/successful program in the city
  • 85% of businesses surveyed felt a closure of PCVS would have a long-term effect on the health of the downtown and therefore have an indirect negative effect on their business
  • Loss of 900 people, including both students and staff, would detract from the vibrancy of downtown
  • The closure of PCVS does NOT solve any enrolment shortfalls. By 2014 there will be over 1000 empty spaces in city (high)schools
  • PCVS founded in 1827

Premier McGuinty:
Min. of Education Laurel Broten:
MPP Jeff Leal:

School Board Trustees who supported
the recommendation to close PCVS:
Cathy Abraham:
Steven Cooke:
Cyndi Dickson:
Gordon Gilchrist:
Angela Lloyd:
Diane Lloyd:
Wes Marsden:

KPRDSB Trustees who
want to keep PCVS open:
Rose Kitney:
Jaine Klassen-Jeninga:
Roy Wilfong:
Shirley Patterson:

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