I trust this finds each of you at the end of a good and restorative summer.

I wanted to give you an update although there is not a great deal of news.

First, a number of weeks ago we made an inquiry of Aaron Rubinoff, our lead lawyer, regarding the estimated timeline for the judges’ release of their rationale to support KPRDSB in its process to close PCVS. Aaron thought we might see the report mid-August to early September. We have yet to see it. As we have promised in the past, we will publish the report on the PNP website as soon as it is available to us.

After the judges release the report, our lawyers and the Board’s, have 2 weeks to appear before these same three judges to argue the issue of the award of costs. We will communicate the outcome of that deliberation as soon as we know it.

This afternoon Shirl Delarue, Jay Amer and Mary Anna Zakula met with a C.A. from Collins Barrow, a local firm of chartered accountants, to begin the process of reviewing our financial statements. Once we have the judges’ decision regarding an award of costs and have paid our final legal costs, Collins Barrow will produce a “Review Engagement Report” in accordance with Canadian Accounting Standards for Not-For-Profit Organizations. This report will be available for those who supported our efforts to keep PCVS open.

Our thoughts at this point are very much with PCVS students and staff who are making their adjustment to new schools. I am confident that our thoughts are echoed by yours as we wish all of them the most positive of experiences under new circumstances.

Respectfully submitted
Joanne Brown

Project 366 (2012) | 3 September

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