Spread The Net Student Challenge
This morning there was a special assembly at PCVS to announce that $52,631.32 has been raised by the staff and students of PCVS for the Spread The Net Student Challenge. Five thousand two hundred and sixty-three (5,263) families in Africa will receive nets to help prevent malaria. Congratulations to Cam Douglas, staff and students and the public who supported this campaign. Rick Mercer will announce the winning school next week.

Still waiting … It shouldn’t be long now. As soon as Joan Green’s report is made public we will ensure that it is posted for you to read. Once it is public we will act quickly.

Sunday night was a sensational evening. Showplace was packed to the rafters; the music was brilliant with such a range of talented artists; Sean Cullen was worth the price of the ticket alone; the visuals provided an eloquent backdrop to the music; the front lobby was buzzing with people donating to Spread the Net, buying up goodies to support our campaign and enjoying each others’ company.

A few things to know:

Charlie Menendez has sent his letter signed by fifty-nine (59) of Peterborough’s Mental Health Professionals to Queen’s Park in support of PCVS as a safe and nurturing place for vulnerable students. This letter comes on the heels of Dale Friesen’s and Janet Kelly’s letter signed by 148 physicians.

Surely, the Board must recognize that when 207 professionals in our community are moved to sign a letter, that this campaign goes well beyond a small group of parents of Arts Students.

The group working on TV ads has a second ad in the works. Look for it on CHEX TV. These ads will run until the NHL playoffs begin! After all, priorities …

On average over the last 2-3 weeks, the Premier and the Ministers at Queen’s Park have received from 10 to 15 letters a week about PCVS. A huge thanks to those of you who have contributed to this campaign to keep this issue front and centre.

From a more personal perspective: Both Shirl and I have noted over the last month or so that the support for our campaign seems to be broadening. We are hearing from new people both here in our community and from further afield. The more we can extend the concern, the more we benefit from the accrued pressure.

Finally, we both thank you for your resolve and your willingness to take responsibility.

Joanne Brown
Shirl Delarue

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